About Vaapiti

My name is Raphaël Labaysse, I am captain and va’a maker (Polynesian canoe). I have always been passionate about traditional sailing and polynesians outrigger canoe. My deepest desire is to reintroduce traditional sailing in our lagoons and beyond.

A homebuilt canoe

I started to build Vaapiti by my own 5 years ago. During the past year I have been sharing my passion to the tourist an locals


After a blessing ceremony on the 2nd of December 2018 and the first navigation tests, I had the canoe certified and insured. The ship can welcome 8 passengers and two crew members.

We are offering tours that includes:

  • Initiations to traditional sailing (hoisting sails, taking a cape, understanding the wind and currents) while discovering the history of Polynesian canoes.
  • Discovery of marine fauna and flora during stops in exceptional areas (Motu, underwater tiki, rays & sharks, bays). Snorkeling equipment is available on board.
  • Local specialities and refreshments are always on board (juices, fruits, homemade snacks).  We can also prepare meals on request (barbecue, local specialities).

Embark on an experience that combine Adventure and Contemplation.

Half-day experience

8 000 XPF / Adulte

Traditionnal private tour

From 50 000 XPF

Sunset & Sunrise

7 000 XPF / Adulte


Our awareness actions

Vaapiti participates in cultural events while raising awareness of environmental protection. We have equipment such as bins and a landing net to retrieve floating objects.

We also organize submerged waste collections every months (more than 100 kg collected until now).

Book and contact

Send us an email to Vaapiti@gmail.com to make a booking or call us on WhatsApp +689 87 21 29 95.